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Rosa Lokey Entrepreneurs

CalBRE # 02067079 

Rosa Lokey Orbe, J.D.

CalBRE License # 02067079 

      I stormed the Bay Area in August of 1994, with the hopes of being hired by The Grateful Dead as their first female song writer and eventually found myself graduating from New College of California School of Law in 2006 (Degree recorded at John F. kennedy Law School, CA).

     While I attended law school, I continued to work in a full-time capacity and built a massage business and a retail business from the ground up.

California Real Estate License

August 23, 2018

Agent (non-affiliation)

Interbay Commercial Real Estate


Legal Documents

Law and Mediation Offices of Suzan Barrie Aiken



Private Research


I am at present researching Election Law and Cyber Stalking & Cyber Fraud, Ancient International Law-African Roots, Cancer Curative Protocals, Covid-19 Protocals. 

have recently researched Social Media Behavior Fatigue, 19 Constitutional Impeachment Precedents, Real Estate Properties and Investment profits, Cancer and Curative Therapies and Pour Over Will and Trusts involving Blended Families.

Past Research:

  • Labor Law violations
  • Bank Fraud
  • Appellate

Statutory Law for Appeals after Final Judgment, Credit History Abuse, 19 Impeachment Cases and Rules

  • Contract

Construction Contract Breach, Liability and Fraud, along with research for Fair Debt Collections and California State Bar Ethics pertaining to Attorney Statutory and State Bar Limits involving Debtors under Title 1.6c and also Bankruptcy Creditor Claims, Real Property Title Rights pertaining to Contract Issue and Breach

  • Copyright

Trademark Infringement Law, Trade Secret Law Federal Trademark Law, Electronic Stalking and Harassment

  • Family Law

Custody Rights, CPS Violations

  • Human rights

Marijauna Rights, Food Growing Rights Inner City

  • Real Estate

Rent to Own Agreements, Public Resources Sustainable Land Use, Community Property, Trespass and Vandalism, Probate Law, Landlord/Tenant Rights, Gas Well Lease Royalties, Property Valuations,

  • Torts

Elder Abuse and Inheritance Bequeaths, False Arrest , Disability/Civil Rights and Statutory Rape & Sexual Abuse Issues involving a minor, Product Liability, and Product Marketing, Judge Misconduct

  • Wills and Trust

Trusts and pour Over Wills, Inheritance Rights, Airline Insurance, Stock Royalties 

    I prepare legal documents for Interbay Commercial Real Estate. I research Medical and Legal issues for my clients. I integrate the Law and Middle Eastern culture into my role as an Educator.

I assisted Private clients with their efforts to take on the Mighty Justice System.

I assisted The legal Offices of Suzan Aiken.

I assisted Attorney Mark Webb (415.515.0968) with his closing statement in the high profile Walmart case concerning the failed quick release clamp device and also researched Judge Misconduct for Mr. Webb.

     I assisted Acting Law Dean Ed Roybal (510.836.8447) for many years. I taught 4 classes of Street Law at Berkeley High in the Spring of 2006, thru Professor Tom Nazario's program ([email protected]).

     I interned briefly at Jackson Squares Law Offices (415.394.3800) and initiated and completed a drug record expungement.

     I also interned at the Law Library at New College from January 2008 thru June 2008. During my time in the library, I updated and indexed 90% of the legal research materials in the main law library and the reserve law library and assisted students and attorneys with their in-house research.

I assisted Susan Barlow law offices.

Prior to my Research/Educator Career & Law School, I researched High Risk Mothers thru a Pilot program with Desert Institute of the Healing Arts at TRI in Tucson Arizona.

      I have been self-employed since 1990.

I have grown through formal and individual study and real life experiences. I have a vast love for reading, writing, researching and working with people. Please view my work and educational experience.

Please call me at 415.847.3411. I look forward to hearing from you.